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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Leveling

-----Just for curiosity, what is your kit number?

--No earthly idea.. It's one of the last kits sold before the Swings took
over.. The guy that owned it lives about 3 hours from Velocity near
Jacksonville...  He bought it from Danny Maher in mid 1992... The whole kit
is that old golden brown epolite look..(man that stuff is dark).. Anyway,
the former kit owner skinned the wings and quit.. I guess he finally decided
he wasn't going to finish it.  Anyway, I left the wings with Alan, who's
tearing them down to spars then rebuilding them.. So I'm begining fusalage
work as soon as a new pump and hardener comes from Velocity. (just to name a
few).. Right now I'm at the mercy of UPS who's way behind!.. It's been close
to twelve days since I ordered most of my stuff.. Some from Velocity,
Aircraft Spruce, and Harbor Frieght tools.

Right now my main concern is leveling... And coming up with a correct order
of attack.. In the next couple weeks I intend to install the conduit ducts,
then the firewall, and maingear bulkheads... After that I'll begin work on
the nose gear and keel.... And I guess do stuff like the battery tray, and
landing light here and there.. My hope was tohave the thing on gear by the
time Alan was done with the wings but I doubt seriously that that will
happen.. I have twists in my plywood and other problems to engineer
solutions for, not to mention am still waiting on the mail...

----About leveling:
----There is SO MUCH leveling required in building the Velocity, that I'd
----recommend you purchase one of those digital levels which reads in 1/10
----You don't really have to have this much accuracy, but it sure saves
----looking at the yellow bubble. And there are many times when it's
convenient to
----read a level from several feet away. Just one of a dozen or so tools I
----consider essential to building a glass plane.

I plan to buy a digital level very soon.. And agree that looking at the
bubble at a distance becomes very difficult at times.

B. David Cowan