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In a message dated 12/31/98 10:53:01 AM Pacific Standard Time,
bigbird173RGE@webtv.net writes:

> Dale I was to quick to answer, I do not have bottoms on my  winglets.

When I was helping David Doshey build his wings, they started out as about 40
lbs. spar and foam only. Then about 72 lbs. completely glassed without the
winglet. I now have a left wing with full canard out to primer. The next
chance I get, I will weight it to see where I am at. I am thinking about
getting a set of scales that are used for weighing race cars. Maybe I can get
a price break for only three scales. There are enough Velocity builders here
in the San Francisco area that I think we can use a set of REALLY accurate

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing