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REFLECTOR: Wing weights


The best way to compare weights is ready to fly in final primer and or
even with final paint.  This removes ALL the variables.

My first set of STD Velocity wings in final paint weighed 125 lbs. each!

I made the mistake of using US Paints Ultra High build primer which made
them tough as a boat and beautiful but about 10 lbs. heaver than normal
Dan use to squeege with a 6" putty knife until the cloth showed a lot of
white specs and his wings were in the 110 to 105 range (I think) but
they have not held up over time.
The big wings made with Ultra High build could be 140 lbs. easy.  Your
173's should turn out about 130 ready to fly in final primer.  The XL
spar is another pound or two.
The best way to keep weight out of hand made wings is to use fillers
that don't soak up primers and primers that don't soak into fillers.
Use West resin and 410 filler for your final filling.  Then use thick
urethane primers not epoxy.  This will save time, weight and produce a
better contour.