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REFLECTOR: Glad You Are In One Piece for 1999!


Thanks for so honestly sharing your experiences. I felt quite moved by your
misfortune..the good news is however that you really don't/can't die from
embarrassment! ("I'm so emb...I could ...!")

The words in your report from your trans American flight were/are a real
encouragement for us builders plodding along out here. To go from such a
high to hit bottom (literally) just serves to remind us that we are all not
infallible and it was really heartwarming to see offers of assistance so
readily made by your fellow Velocity folk.

Looking forward to meeting many of you blokes @ Sun'N' Fun in April!

 - A Happy New Year to All from the real deep south!


(of course by the time you receive this we would have had ours!

Greg Poole (Building a Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")