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Re: REFLECTOR: Empty Weight

Eung Tai Kim wrote:

> Today I have measured the empty weight of my Velocity.
> The empty weight is about 1340 lb and the c.g. locates at 131.5" aft Datum.
> The c.g. locates too much behind.
> I don't know how my velocity becomes so tail heavy.
> I have tried to follow the procedures in the manual and the video.
> The engine is Lycoming IO-360 (200hp) and I've installed MT constant speed
> propeller.
> The weight of one wing with control surface is about 108 lb before painting.

Our normal pressure molded production wings are 92 to 95 lb with lots of primer
ready for fine sand and final paint.   The Carbon wings I made for my STD 300
hp+ weigh  85lbs with final paint and are much stronger than normal.Did you
build your wings in cold or real hot weather? That can add a few pounds.
How true is the contour?  This really effects the performance.

I tried to sell you a set of my wings!

> I'm not sure if I can move the c.g. to the allowable range by putting the
> ballast in the nose.
> Could anybody please comment about this weight and balance problem?

I like my Velocities a little aft CG.   They perform better and unless you
really force buck it it will never deep stall.

Happy New Year