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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose wheel and Ivo Prop comments

> Because of my concern of Ivo prop blade retention, I machined a 3/4" by
> 7" 6061-T6 crush plate system for the Ivo hub.  The old Ivo crush
> plates were 1/2" by "6".  This new hub has significant  more "grip
> area" on the blades.  Ivo was a great help as he did the finish machine
> work while
> I was on travel.  Ivo likes the heavy duty flanges and thinks 7" will
> be the future standard -- if my change works!
> Caution!!!  I have just installed it with new blades.  It feels and
> looks good.  I am torquing to 70'ft-lb with molybdenum disulfide
> grease on the threads.  My guess is this gives me 50% more grip over
> the old 6".


I've got pretty little carbon spinners that fit right on a 7" crush plate
and are just pointy enough to cover the mechanism.

I've also got a Franklin/Ivo Velocity I'm painting that's going to fly
out  Jan. 8th that might could use one of your/Ivo's new big crush
I wouldn't call your 7" plate "experimental".  That's the only size Dan
and I ever used from the beginning.

Happy New Year