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REFLECTOR: The Saga of Simon continues...

Here's another bounced email from Simon.

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> From: "Simon Aegerter [KPIE]" <100256.3710@compuserve.com>
> Subject: Mission acomplished...
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> the mission was to bring our son Chris to San Diego. That mission was
> accomplished. Unfortunately it was accomplished with a bang.
> The trip from Austin was to end at El Paso. However, headwinds and turbulence
> were such that we cut it short and put it down at Midland TX.
> Next morning (hard to believe it was today) we took off early and headed west
> again. It was just gorgeous. Smooth air, no headwind, unlimited view. 466MF
> made 160 on the ground and got us to Tucson in a little more than two hours. 
> We took a break at Ryan field and then enjoyed the rest of the way to the
> Pacific coast. An unforgettable experience. This is the way to travel!
> Now about the bang: The landing in San Diego Montgomery was only a safe one,
> not good. In other words, we all walked away from it, but 466MF will not fly
> for a while. What happened? Well - I have learned enough about the legal system
> in this country that I'm not going to discuss details in public. Let's just say
> that the landing was too hard to retain directional control. Got off the
> runway, hit the edge of a elevated taxiway and knocked one gear off.
> As I said, all three of us didn't suffer a scratch. The hull remained intact
> and both doors opened without problems. We didn't lose a drop of fuel. 
> We have had a marvelous trip accross that wonderful country; we have
> experienced some of the most moving and spontaneous hospitality and friendship
> within the flying community. We are all deeply grateful. Nobody can take that
> away from us. We will remember every second of those 15 plus hours of flying
> and the hours spent with old and new friends - and we will just forget about
> these last few seconds.
> Best
> Simon

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
Life is what you make of it ... never wish you had done something.
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