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No Subject

But that 4" really sounds excessive to me. Are you certain you weighed and
measured correctly? The only things I can think of which would generate this
much CG error have to do with the lofting process rather than building (unless
your engine cowl or rudders are lined with lead). The plane is supposed to be
precisely level when weighed. Be certain you've measured the distances from
the nose to all three axles correctly (parallel to the line of flight, not
along the skin or diagonally). Make certain all three weighing scales agree.

Personally, I'd level the plane with the wing incidence gauge. Then I'd drop a
plumb bob from the nose and mark it on the floor (A). I'd drop a plumb line
from the center of the Nose Gear axle to the floor (B). The distance A to B is
your nose-gear station. For the main gear, I'd pull a string between the
center of the two axles, and drop a plumb line from the middle of that string
(c). The distance A to C is your main gear station. 

I'm not saying you've lofted incorrectly, just that I can not think of
anything else which could create this much CG error. 

I hope Alan Shaw, Duane or Scott Swing will comment on your CG problem, as
well as my lofting methodology. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor