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REFLECTOR: Nose wheel and Ivo Prop comments

Hi Guys!

Because of heavy work conflicts and a prop modification I felt needed
to be made, I have not been flying my new velocity N6Q.  However, I
am back flying and with two reflector worthy items.  

When I returned to N6Q, I discovered a nose wheel that would not hold
air!  Problem, a 3 inch cut in the tube.  The cut was caused by the
very low quality nose wheel casting.  The casting flash combined with
poor alignment of the two wheel halves were the source of the cut on
the inside center of the tube.  It has taken about five months for
the pot-metal casting to cut the tube.  Geeee Duane, what a cheap
I suggest everyone remove the three bolts and check the happiness of
tube pressing against the part line.  Fold the tube and look for a
developing crack.  The good news, N6Q failed while parked.

Because of my concern of Ivo prop blade retention, I machined a 3/4"
by 7" 6061-T6 crush plate system for the Ivo hub.  The old Ivo crush
were 1/2" by "6".  This new hub has significant  more "grip area" on
blades.  Ivo was a great help as he did the finish machine work while
I was on travel.  Ivo likes the heavy duty flanges and thinks 7" will
be the future standard -- if my change works!

Caution!!!  I have just installed it with new blades.  It feels and
looks good.  I am torquing to 70'ft-lb with molybdenum disulfide
grease on the threads.  My guess is this gives me 50% more grip over
the old 6".  However, do not forget, the hub like my aircraft it is
"experimental".  Experience so far -- one whole flight!