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Re: REFLECTOR: Empty Weight

I don't think you have a problem, but you will, as do many of us, have to add
weights in the front when you fly by yourself.  But, when you add a bunch of
fuel, it will shift a little forward since the tanks are mostly forward of the

What is true is that the MT prop requires a bit more forward ballast when you
fly by yourself.  As a reference, my wooden prop weighs just 17 pounds.

Eung Tai Kim wrote:

> Today I have measured the empty weight of my Velocity.
> The empty weight is about 1340 lb and the c.g. locates at 131.5" aft Datum.
> The c.g. locates too much behind.
> I don't know how my velocity becomes so tail heavy.
> I have tried to follow the procedures in the manual and the video.
> The engine is Lycoming IO-360 (200hp) and I've installed MT constant speed
> propeller.
> The weight of one wing with control surface is about 108 lb before painting.
> I'm not sure if I can move the c.g. to the allowable range by putting the
> ballast in the nose.
> Could anybody please comment about this weight and balance problem?
> I'll really appreciate your kind relpy.
> Eung Tai Kim
> South Korea
> 173 FGE

Bob Ginsberg

Big Ape Gym owner and manager
Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise
Velocity N173 BG builder and pilot
Fuquay-Varina EMS - Intermediate and Board of Directors