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Re: REFLECTOR: Empty Weight

Eung Tai Kim,

> The c.g. locates too much behind. 
> I've installed MT constant speed propeller.

> I don't know how my velocity becomes so tail heavy.
> Could anybody please comment about this weight and balance problem?

Your fuel tanks do not run all the way aft to the spar, do they?

It's my understanding that the Velocity will tend toward tail-heavy with the
addition of a constant-speed prop. That's why a C/S prop is officially not

How does your CG look with a 150 lb pilot on board? 200 lb? Best I can figure,
the plane should be very close to the aft limit with one pilot, and the
forward limit with two. 

Short of removing the MT prop, my best suggestion would be to attempt moving
the battery forward a few inches or add ballast to the nose (bigger battery?).

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor