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Re: REFLECTOR: Rudder return spring - antenna


> The hole just skins by the antenna, and if I proceed to install the spring 
> tube, it will probably touch the antenna.
> Does it make much difference whether it's touching or just very close?

It does make a difference. 

Ideally, of course, the spring would not be near the antenna. Being that
close, it will detune the antenna slightly. But not enough to worry about. If
it actually touches the antenna, the spring will detune it more.

But it's much more likely you'll have an intermittent contact between spring
and antenna. Intermittent contact with the antenna will most likely cause
objectionable scratchy noise in your receiver as well as in your transmitted

My advice: Prevent the spring from ever touching the antenna. Wayne's plastic
tube sounds like an excellent solution. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor