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REFLECTOR: How to help yourselves 101

I get about 80 emails per day now, and it is very difficult to
keep up with all of it.  The main reason why I set up majordomo
is so that it would help me with maintaining the list.  However,
it doesn't help me unless the users use it rather than asking me
to do it for them.

If you know of anyone who wants access to this list, tell them 
to send email to majordomo@awpi.com.  Majordomo will tell them
HOW they can access the various lists on this server.  It will
tell them if it's a closed list, and how to subscribe, and all
of the things that I have to repeat when people do not use the
majordomo facilities.

I know that both factories read this list.  Please tell your
customers to send email to majordomo@awpi.com, not to

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
Life is what you make of it ... never wish you had done something.
Aviator, experimental aircraft builder, motorcyclist, SCUBA diver
musician, home-brewer, entrepenuer and SINGLE!