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Re: REFLECTOR: Rudder return spring - antenna

Al Gietzen wrote:

> I drilled the 1" hole for the rudder return spring just inside the inboard
> skin of the winglet (Wingco wings) per instructions.  What I found there
> apparently is one leg of the Archer Sportcraft antenna.  The hole just skins
> by the antenna, and if I proceed to install the spring tube, it will
> probably touch the antenna.
> I expected that the antenna would be just under the outboard skin;

The Archer antenna is big and not easy to fit.  Generally it is only 1/8" deep
but 1/4" in some places.  If placed right on the surface it causes cosmetic
problems with the resultant sanding sometimes causing structural problems.

We have found by adding 1/2" to the total length of the RST dipoles we get just
as good SWR readings as we did with your antenna over the whole band width.  On
the other hand even with a very good meter all the variables of  "real world"
use are not taken in to consideration.
Your antenna is probably better and we don't want to do anything to mess it up .

> but the
> issue is: "What affect might this have on the antenna - -  impedance;
> reflected power; general performance?"  Does it make much difference whether
> it's touching or just very close?

Bob Archer would be the one to answer that question.  It should be possible to
insulate the aluminum tube by putting tape just on that side of the tube.

Alan Shaw

Have a good holiday (and don't work on airpains too much like me)