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Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now? Gear Bulkhead straightening..

    I don't know what is causing the seasick feeling.  I haven't really
started building yet I've been practicing layups with different mixes and
stuff. The guy I bought the kit from has a few small bottles mislabeled. I
think the epoxy I'm reacting to whether its the fumes or what I don't know
is Alphapoxy. The epolite I have is old and dark brown, almost maroon. It's
been sitting in the pump for years, which I guess will have to be taken
apart. Does anyone know if I can use EZ poxy hardener with the resin I
already have (hexcel epolite) I could swear someone said I could use EZ poxy
hardener with the old hexcel resin..

Also, any tips on straightening out the main gear bulkhead.. I mean, I'm
going to lay the firewall up a side at a time and weight the hell out of it
on my very large 4 x 8 table which is true, but how can I take that kindof
approach with the curved RG main bulkhead without building a sloped jig for

Oh, back to the queezy feeling. The first time I got it was after sanding I
think. I've gotten Alphapoxy, (i think it is, not in original container)
actually previous kit owner has labeled it both Alphapoxy and Epolite, which
i assume is impossible..hehe.. Anyway, I'd practiced a layup of triax which
turned out perfect, on the knee brackets that wont be needed in my RG kit,
just to practice technique. I cut the edges down with a dremmel then
sanded... without a mask on. yesterday I had a similar feeling and had worn
a mask. The mask is one of those plastic jobies with two side deals with
filters, whatever they are called. I'm biggining to wonder if it s the
hardener fumes. I have gotten a little epoxy on my fingers at times but only
on the fingerprint side which I wiped of quickly with a towel. The skin
irritation has not been a factor yet. It's a fume or dust that I'm breathing
and the reaction has something to do with my liver.