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Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

Brian K. Michalk wrote:

> > EZ 87  (slow hardner) or EZ 84 (fast hardner)
> >
> > The original supplier of drums is Composite Polymer Design in St. Paul,
> > MN at 1-612-451-8000.  I guess you can get it in gallons from "Spruce".
> > If not call CPD and ask who distributes it in small quantities.
> I'm doing a lot of small things these days.  Stuff like ductwork,
> interior fairings, etc.
> Is there an epoxy similar to EZ84 (something I'm familiar with)
> that will set up in an hour?
> Waiting on parts to cure is killing me.

West Systems 105 resin and 205 hardner is what we all need to use this time
of the year.  It is fast curing...2 hr @ 90 degrees, 4 hrs. @75 degrees, 8
hrs @55 degrees....  which is about four times as fast as EZ poxy.   Summer
pot life 5 to 10 minutes.  "Spruce" or your local marine store has it.  Buy
and Gal resin and Qt hardner with the plunger pump kit that will give you the
5 to 1 ratio.

It has very similar ultimate strength and deflection rigidity and EZ Poxy but
much better laminar strength especially secondary layups like assembly.
Combined with 410 microlite filler it is the BEST for fill and sand.

Alan Shaw