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Re: REFLECTOR: Welcome to the Group!

>You will be pleasently surprised at the great climb performance of your
>normally asperated Velocity all the way up to 12,000 feet. Something about
>canard design gives it better climb than anything you've ever seen.
>Good luck and happy building.
>Mark Teter
>Ringgold, Georgia
>N98TF     173RG Elete

       Yeah, I'd really been fascinated with the plane for some time and
then I found an old kit for sale in Florida. The guy had skinned the wings
and quit. So I dropped the wings off with Alan who's tearing them down to
spars right now, and dropped in to the factory where I bought essentially,
everything to make it an Elite. It 's now an RG Elite kit. I have to make
sense of changes in the years that have passed though. I bought the new
manual. and the RG video. Man, the RG aspects of this kit just scare me. I
hope I can get through it. Anyway, while I was in florida I got to go up in
the old FG they have there with the old hatch entry, I was thoroughly
impressed. No need for turn coordination..hehe.. I loved it.  But thanks for
the welcome, and the encouragement I need all I can get. I'm trying to
figure out how to straighten out my bulkheads. I intend to weight them down
during cure, and this is no problem with most of them. However, I cant
figure out how I'm going to do that with the main gear bulkhead which has a
curve in it, unless I build some sort of a jig then put a bunch of weight on
both a flat and sloping edge.. Any advice..