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RE: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

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> Behalf Of Alan Shaw
> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?
> David Doshay wrote:
> > What epoxy are folks using to suplement the no longer available
> > Epolite?
> EZ 87  (slow hardner) or EZ 84 (fast hardner)
> The original supplier of drums is Composite Polymer Design in St. Paul,
> MN at 1-612-451-8000.  I guess you can get it in gallons from "Spruce".
> If not call CPD and ask who distributes it in small quantities.

Living in Minneapolis, I called these guys up when Hexcel quit making the
stuff. Although the headquarters are here, the factory is in California, so
I couldn't just stop by and pick up a couple of gallons (nice people,

The cheapest price I found for EZ-Poxy early this year was through ...
Velocity. Don't know what the current pricing situation is.

 - Chuck