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Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

I got the epoxy from the Velocity store. I assume this is EZ-Poxy.

> I've already had a couple of reactions
>to the stuff(old epolite) and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.. I've
>got gloves on and when I sand I wear a mask. End up feeling kinda seasick.
>Anyway I'd like to find something with less liver toxin in it.. hehe..

The reaction to epoxy are usually expressed on the skin and in severe cases
with breathing. Is it possible that you are just out of shape a little? :-)

I am only half kidding. One season I was so out of shape after Winter
inactivity that when I started working on the plane in the Spring I was
getting short of breath and my first thought was Epoxy reaction. Went away
after getting back in shape a little. 

You may also want to wear an organic vapor mask while doing wet layups if
you don't already do so.