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Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

Benjamin David Cowan wrote:
>I've got gloves on and when I sand I wear a mask. End up feeling kinda seasick.
> Anyway I'd like to find something with less liver toxin in it.. hehe..

	What kind of mask ?  What are you wearing if you're NOT sanding...NO
mask ?  You might try a hobby-air, or if the cost is stopping ya, build
one from a vacuum cleaner or exhaust fan.  A lot of masks keep out
particulate matter but not toxic fumes, and even then the filters have
relatively short life. 

	 Any other wierd things in your shop like [unsafe] heaters, open cans
of MEK, ACETONE, paint thinner, etc ?  Do you have a CO detector?  Shop
too Hot or Cold (like my wife) ?

 HTH, Jeff Barnes