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Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?


	Depends where you're working: got real good specs on (from) Aeropoxy,
but a knowledgable source (my instructor at SportAir composite class,
Jeff Russell of Aerocad & a velocity builder) said it was REAL sensitive
to humid conditions.
	BTW: Somewhere I've got an Excel spreadsheet from the Aeropoxy folks at
Oshkosh if anyone is interested.
--Jeff Barnes
XL-RG in womb

Benjamin David Cowan wrote:
>     Anyone know if Aeropoxy is an acceptable substitute for Epolite. I hear
> Aerolite is a little safer. It's also a little cheaper than the EZ pozy
> runs, at least in Spruce's catalog. I've already had a couple of reactions
> to the stuff(old epolite) and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.. I've
> got gloves on and when I sand I wear a mask. End up feeling kinda seasick.
> Anyway I'd like to find something with less liver toxin in it.. hehe..