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REFLECTOR: Cutting out doors

I'm just finishing my doors now.  The complex shape of the door makes it
hard to guess at the correct cutout lines.  I used the method suggested by
Al Gietzen and it has worked well.

I taped lightweight poster board (bought at Staples) onto the outside
surface of the door.  Because of the compound curve near the top it is
necessary to slice the cardboard and overlap some pieces.  The outside edge
of the door can then be marked exactly on the cardboard.  

After cutting the cardboard , tape the cardboard onto the fuselage.  I used
the forward, bottom curve marked by the factory as the starting point.  I
rotated the top of the cardboard until it was parallel to the top lines
marked by the factory. 

Mark the outside line (A) and then build a new line (B) 5/8" inside of A.
Cut all the way through the fuselage at B.  Then cut ONLY the outer skin at

I've found that this line is so accurate that the door fits with about 1/16
or less gap most of the way around it.  Eventually you will sand it back to
a 1/8" gap when you have fitted the hinges and recurved the door.

I understand that the XL doors don't need as much curve changing as the Std
Elite doors.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca
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> Dear Builders,
> I was about to apply the Triax to the forward side of the firewall to
> the sides and top of fuselage.  The manual says side pieces at 45
> degrees BUT that put my layup into the widow if one extendes 12" forward
> as directed.  Suggestions and solutions?  Shorter, different angle,
> wider, etc.  I plan to cut out the doors this week.  Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Rene'