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Re: REFLECTOR: Alternator?

john@allied-computer.com wrote:

> I know that Velocity recommends an AC Delco, but I've heard of problems
> with them.  I've also heard of a lighter higher-output (60-65 amp?) from
> Mazda or somewhere...  Any recommendations?  How about mounting
> brackets?
> Thanks,
> John Rourke

 An author of a recent Contact Magazine article recommended Mitsubishi
alternators over Nippodenso and had pictures of the small modification
necessary to add an overvoltage crowbar circuit to the internal regulator.
On one vacation trip out west my alternator died (on a previous trip I had a
day's  delay and a $700 rip-off for a replacement alternator) so I borrowed
a loaner car and  carried my dead cessna style alternator off my Grumman to
a little town in Oklahoma. Advance Auto Parts physically matched it to a
Ford  alternator which performed flawlessly for the remainder of the trip.
The only significant difference was the fan was designed to turn the other
way. If I had access to a press I could have changed it too. It  operated
fine and was capable of 70 amps. It had silver bearing brushes just like the
PMA'd  variety.
My point is: if you aren't worried about having a "blessed" alternator you
should be able to find one at an auto electric shop with plenty of current
capability  that will fit and be physically smaller (lighter) than the stone
age stuff the FAA approves.
Wayne Owens