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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel pump


I've already done the fuel injection conversion to my Franklin using a Romec
pump (from SE Fuels) and modification to my in-take manifolds (they require
some welding and machining to provide enough material for the injector
installation).  I will be firing-up the engine with -in the next 3-4 weeks
and will inform the group of the results.  SE Fuels are very knowledgable
and great to work with.  As for the cost...a bit much, but worth the
reliability in my opinion.  The back-up duty is provided by a Dukes pump
with in-line check valve (same as on certificated planes) or you could use a
Weldon (from Spruce).  I used the Duke because I found one for $325 in
perfect condition an since the core is worth $450 I could't loose.