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Re: REFLECTOR: Alternator?

I don't doubt that, however, these alternators are generally mounted in the
traditional configuration with the cold incoming air blowing right on them not
in the rear with all of the hot engine air blowing over them.  I know several
people that have had good luck with auto alternators and I also know a lot
that have had failures.  You pay your money and you take your chances.  All
you need is one over voltage condition without protection and you can say good
buy to your avionics.


David M Parrish wrote:

> From:                   "James F. Agnew" <Jim_Agnew@ibm.net>
> > These alternators are not inexpensive but are real aircraft alternators.
> > Standard car alternators are wound the wrong direction and will tend to
> > throw the segments.  Not to mention the bearings, brushes, fans, diodes,
> My understanding was that at least one alternator used on
> Lycomings was identical to the one used on cars, right down to the
> part number stamped on the housing.
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> David Parrish


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