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Re: REFLECTOR: gear horn problem

In a message dated 12/4/98 1:13:13 AM Central Standard Time,
droyer@teal.csn.net writes:

<< I want to install a gear horn, but I have a problem. I do not hear the 
 standard stall/gear horn. I have an unusually low high frequency cutoff 
 in my hearing  >>

Maybe you should try a Pep boy horn it is loud and you know when it sounds, I
also added a turn signal flasher and wired it to the same horn and when the
speed brake is deployed and the throttle is moved  to take off, this horn is
activated but now it beeps intermittently to warn you that your speed brake is
deployed and you are attempting to make a go-arround.

Capt. James. Green
Std. Velocity RG N113JG