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REFLECTOR: [Fwd: [canard-aviators] EAA AirVenture ( AKA Oshkosh )]

A FORWARDED EAA MESSAGE:  (Sounds like rite next to 1998 Velocity
Factory Site)

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[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
 Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been contacted by some EAA'ers regarding the special needs of the
builders and pilots of canard-type airplanes attending EAA

I have taken your concerns into Tom Poberezny's office as well as the
boardroom. I am pleased to report that we are making some site changes that
will allow a special area be set aside specifically for the canard-type of
airplanes. Without going into specifics, the area will allow a hard-surface
taxiway, keeping turf taxiing to a minimum. The area will be off the main
north-south flightline, so that there should be less concentration of
people - meaning less opportunity for damage. With all or most of the
canard airplanes in a single location, it should be easier for you to
self-police the area.  That should reduce the need for constant vigilance
by each owner, thereby allowing you all to enjoy and see more of your

At this time, the area we are looking at, will be the south side of the new
P1 taxiway. (Sort of near the old flymarket area.) One of our initial
concerns is, how big should we make it? If we can get a good estimate of
the number of airplanes to expect, we will do our best to accomodate
everyone. We will keep you all informed of our progress as the details are
ironed out.

In addition, we are working on other site changes to update the builders'
workshops and enhance the internal transportation needs for our members and
their guests.

If there are other email addresses that are of interest to the builders and
pilots of canard-type airplanes, please feel free to forward this

My thanks to those of you who have written to me. Your thoughtful comments
and suggestions are what we need to make your convention better. 

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Alan Shackleton
EAA Director

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