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Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

An AOA could be a serious distraction on flare when you should be looking no
where but out the front.

On final: TRIM your plane for neutral stick at 80 kts, fly over the fence at
that speed
then get your head out of the cockpit out onto the runway and land the
Add 5 knots for high gross or bad wind.  Add 10 knots if both these conditions

Once you are more familiar with the airplane you will want to fly a
approach so that you don't have to come floating in the whole way.  The main
is that your airspeed is not going up and down on final and that you cross the
fence at
80 kts.  If you don't have the plane trimmed neutral for 80 kts before landing
it is
difficult to finesse the flare and touch down.

Since a Velocity doesn't float around like a Cessna or fall like a Navion it is
a very easy
plane to land.  The average pilot can do it consistantly.  You just have to
learn how to trim
and control your airspeed.