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Re: REFLECTOR: Welcome to the Group!


> I currently own a Cessna Cardinal RG which has proven to be a great
> reliable and manageable plane 

Welcome aboard!

I have owned two Cardinals -- a 1968 FG (horribly underpowered), and a 1975
RG. The latter one was a great aircraft. Lots of bang for the buck, and in my
opinion, the best single-engine plane Cessna ever made. 

Like you, the same selection criteria which took me to the Cardinal brought me
to the Velocity. I'm nearly finished building a ShortWing RG TopDoor model.

As far as lightning protection in Velocities, ti the best of my knowledge it
has never been done. The technology exists, however. Lancair and Glasair have
done it, but I believe it adds quite a bit of weight and cost. 

I can not offer much info on turbocharging a Velocity, other than to say I
know of no reason why it can not be done. I'm sure other builders will be able
to give you more particulars. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor