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REFLECTOR: Littke Light Harededness

Form a pilot with a small budget . I think Yoda the Jedi Master said it best
(My the force be with you). In other words Technology is great but it can't
do every thing.

Ron N34CV
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From: nate calvin <ncalvin@primenet.com>
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Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

>>   If people spent more time learning to "feel" what the airplane was
>>them, and less time worrying about another d... distraction, maybe there
>>be less incidents and accidents. If you are flying a B70 or something of
>>ilk, maybe an AOA is needed, but at mach .3 or so , learn to feel the
>>      MTSP    25,000+ mostly in ag planes.
>Spoken like a true Ag pilot!
>Although a bit sharp in its' delivery, your message is 100% correct.
>I received my check-out time in my Skybolt from an AG pilot (CFI, MEI,
>who also races Formula I planes and competition aerobatics.  He is no
>the BEST pilot I've ever flown with and has the absolute highest demands
>expectations of coordinated, precision flying.  During the checkout time he
>preached "seat-of-pants" flying and "listening" to what the airplane wants
>rather than "giving it" what you deem necessary to accommodate your
>pre-concieved, biased notions and expectations of flight.
>"Think of it as feeding a hungry beast that is capable of killing you at a
>moments notice....Very gentle, and no harsh, unexpected movements."
>Words of wisdom from a man who has made a living for twenty years as a
>crop-duster and still kick'n.   I intend to follow the advise as written