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REFLECTOR: Welcome to the Group!

Just joined the group (Thanks Brian!) and figured I would introduce and welcome 

I just deposited a XL-RG kit. Finally, a canard I can fit into and share with my 
friends.  I currently own a Cessna Cardinal RG which has proven to be a great 
reliable and manageable plane for IFR and Commercial Training and for short 
hops. (I also use it to commute to work each day from Tracy to Palo Alto CA)  I 
selected the Cardinal because it was cost-effective relative to performance and 
it was a little different than everything else on the ramp.  Sort of the same 
criteria I applied to my selection of the Velocity in my quest to step up. More 
power, more speed, more climb more useful load, yadda, yadda, yadda. Of course 
I've got big plans for my new bird, both in terms of equipment and building 
time, which I'm sure will be tempered as time goes on but if I didn't dream I 
never would've gotten to this point, so who knows!  I look forward to reading 
suggestions and comments from all in the group, and hopefully one day 
contributing something of general use.  

Two points I am thinking about currently which may or probably have been 
discussed in the past:

1)  Lightning protection- How do/don't we acheive it in the Velocity

2)  Turbocharging-I'd love to maintain climb through altitude since I plan to 
fly over/through/by  the Sierras and Rockies fairly frequently.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.



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