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Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

>   If people spent more time learning to "feel" what the airplane was telling
>them, and less time worrying about another d... distraction, maybe there would
>be less incidents and accidents. If you are flying a B70 or something of that
>ilk, maybe an AOA is needed, but at mach .3 or so , learn to feel the
>      MTSP    25,000+ mostly in ag planes.

Spoken like a true Ag pilot!  
Although a bit sharp in its' delivery, your message is 100% correct.  

I received my check-out time in my Skybolt from an AG pilot (CFI, MEI, ATP,)
who also races Formula I planes and competition aerobatics.  He is no doubt,
the BEST pilot I've ever flown with and has the absolute highest demands and
expectations of coordinated, precision flying.  During the checkout time he
preached "seat-of-pants" flying and "listening" to what the airplane wants
rather than "giving it" what you deem necessary to accommodate your
pre-concieved, biased notions and expectations of flight.  

"Think of it as feeding a hungry beast that is capable of killing you at a
moments notice....Very gentle, and no harsh, unexpected movements."  

Words of wisdom from a man who has made a living for twenty years as a
crop-duster and still kick'n.   I intend to follow the advise as written