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Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

In a message dated 11/28/98 6:04:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, MTSP@aol.com

>    If people spent more time learning to "feel" what the airplane was
>  them, and less time worrying about another d... distraction, maybe there 
> would
>  be less incidents and accidents. If you are flying a B70 or something of 
> that
>  ilk, maybe an AOA is needed, but at mach .3 or so , learn to feel the
>  airplane!
>        MTSP    25,000+ mostly in ag planes.

Ya know, I'm what I would consider a low time pilot. Certainly less than 25K
hours in an overpowered plane such as you profess to fly. I would like to have
a few things going my way when I am first cleared to fly my "experimental".
And maybe I'll wind up being a numb-butt and won't be able to decern a slip
from a skid as easily as you. Does your blanket statement mean I hould never
fly? I should never fly until I have 25K hours? Boy! Talk about a Catch 22!

I think that your comment was totally un-productive and not in the spirit of
what we are trying to accomplish here: Sharing constructive ideas/critisism.

Thanks...but no thanks for your opinion.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE