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Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

Very little altitude is lost in a pitch buck.  The Velocity, in a sharp turn or
level doesn't fall out of the sky, spin, or snap. Neither is good control lost.
After getting to know the plane I have intentially "stalled" on final, and on
turn to final, just to find out had it would behave - no problem as long as you
are not asleep and don't add power or lower the nose; and even then, the
altitude loss is minimal, although the sink rate does go up.  It is very
forgiving once you learn the skills needed to step up to a faster, quicker,
Joe Connally

William Wade wrote:

>  If the primary use people would have for this is to determine their minimum
> landing speed for a given weight/balance/density altitude:The only time I'd
> want to be at the edge of a stall is at touchdown, over the runway. A buzzer
> might help keep eyes outside, but I never found them much help in Cessnas.
>   How about doing a stall as you approached the pattern so that you would
> know the speed for the conditions at the moment? Then add your usual
> safety/comfort factor for wind conditions. Would much altitude loss would be
> involved in a pitch/buck?
>   Might be the lowest cost alternative.  -Bill
> prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
> Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works