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Re: REFLECTOR: Angle of Attack Meters

In a message dated 11/25/98 2:25:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
gpoole@zeta.org.au writes:

> Has anyone kept track on what the latest is on Angle of Attack Meters for
>  Velocitys. I would like to find out if there has been any new units on the
>  market, a rough indication of price and what features the better ones have.

Hi Greg,

I have some info on the system AOA Pro by Proprietary Software Systems Inc. It
is a multi-segmented display controlled by a computer costing $1400. The
instructions look as if either three or four small cut-outs have to be made in
the upper and lower wing surfaces. The easiest place for the holes would seem
to be in the area of the wing outboard of the rib in the knee area. 

Pictures are worth a 1000 words so if anyone else wants to see the info, send
along your name and such and then give me a couple of days. I'm still getting
around slowly after having mt ruptured appendix removed.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE