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Re: REFLECTOR: Elite Doors

>I am about to start on my Std RG and do not want to go through the same
>problems we had with the XL. Any advice for getting them perfect (..or at
>least close to perfect!) would be appreciated.


it sounds like you have the problems I had. I had a perfect fit of my doors
and then I installed the gas strut. I almost cryed. Nothing fit anymore.
The force of the strut warped the hull and the door. What I did was to
stiffen the hull by adding to the carbon beams. I made them longer and gave
them an L-shaped protrusion forward. That corrected most of the problem.
Nate's system probably takes care of some of the remaining warp of the

With time the problem disappears because the springs get weaker. Of course
you then have another problem: bumps on your head all the time from the
falling door <g>. You just can't have it both ways :-(


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland