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REFLECTOR: Brochures

Dear Crew @ AT,

Please mail me a dozen brochures on VFE as I have already had several
expressions of interest from Velocity bilders in the USA. My address is:-

        Pooled Resources / Velocity Aircraft P/L
        3 Cheltenham Close
        Castle Hill   NSW  2154

Howard; Is is possible to have an option of an Angle of Attack Meter with
the unit and are there any plans to reduce the unit's size and weight? I
know...where do you stop? The more options the  more attractive the unit as
long as the options do not add to the base unit price.

Arnold; Spoke with Martin Hadley of Hadley Air in Florida late last night.
He said he would be very happy to check out the VFE and provide the info we
are after on price and features and will indicate if he is interested in
following through as the American Distributor. Any discussion; 0414 2733199


Greg Poole (Building a Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")