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Re: REFLECTOR: VFE (Virtual Flight Engineer)

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> Folks,
> Just finished 4 days representing Velocity @ AVIEX'98 - a 4 day trade and
> airshow at Bankstown in Sydneys' west. Attendance was not brilliant as a
> result of bad weather and the Australian Civil Aviation Authority
> restricting the display  to non aerobatic activity (...can you believe
> it!...What's an airshow without aerobatics??) But I digress;
> A brand new Australian product was released at this show & given recent
> discussions on the Reflector on this subject; may be worthy of your
> attention - it certainly impressed me! The extremely favourable exchange
> rate (your way!) should make this a very attractive option for American
> Velocity builders. The Virtual Flight Engineer monitors  flight and engine
> parameters and verbally advises you whenever preset limits are exceeded. It
> gives airspeed readings/voice  on approach and departure at settable
> intervals normally preset at 3 secs and 5kts spacings for fast aircraft
> like the Velocity. You can concentrate on flying your bird and on what is
> goining on around you
> Getting forgetful? The unit contains a ready customisable database of
> checklists (prestart up, prelanding etc) for all aircraft types and will
> include all Velocity models. Hit the button and these will be step read to
> you as you hit the acknowledge button!  Engine (oil P, oil temp, EGT's
> CHT's (bar graph display is being finalised), battery voltage etc) and
> flight  parameters (approaching VNE, stall, digital inputs for landing gear
> status, speed brake,  doors secure (how would you like to be told you have
> left a door open!) are all monitored and voiced to you.
> The VFE is specifically designed to be added to existing instruments
> Get this:-
>         * 90 useable inputs: 32 thermocouple, 16 voltage, 24 general purpose,
>           5 pressure,1 pulse (fuel remaining),1 serial (for GPS, data logging).
>         * Built in "G" meter - not only provides alerts that the limit has
> been exceeded but
>           also stores the value and day and date of when it occurred.
> Whenever the "VFE" is
>           switched on it alerts the pilot to the fact that the aircraft has
> exceeded the
>           preset limit  until the unit is reset by the sales agent/engineer
>         * In built "intelligent" multiplace intercom with cellular
> phone/backup radio
>           input and automatic radio transmit/receive priority.
>         * Backup battery is standard in case of power out.
>         * Adjustable backlighting levels on LCD screen (which are memorised
> on switchoff)
>         * Verbal message alarms stated twice if condition remains with auto
> scrolling of the
>           LCD to any parameter that is in alarm condition (LCD then
> flashes). Multiple
>           alarms on critical parameters and auot prioritising of critical
> items such as air
>           speed during multiple alarm situations.
>         * ASI; provides verbal alarms and verbal monitoring (calls
> airspeeds on climbout and
>           final approach)
>         * Integral altimeter / VSI ( second electronic pressure sensor
> module plumbed in
>           parallel with existing static pressure source)
>         * QNH up and down adjustment buttons (QNH memorised on shutoff)
>         * Real time 24hr (yr 2000 bug immune) clock / calendar with time
> related verbal
>           alarm
>         * Fuel flow option: An extra sensor (readily available in the USA)
> enables fuel
>           flow,fuel remaining and fuel time at current burn figures to be
> displayed.
>         * Additional display port for large digit displays
>         * Fully ISO 9002 certified
>         * In process of full Australian aviation certification which will
> meet FAA
>           certification req'ts
>         * Compact:6.25" wide x 2.75" high x 8" deep, weight 3lbs 5ozs
>         * 12 months warranty, with a US Distributor currently being setup.
> This unit has been designed to replace what quite a number of units do
> separately and is likely to retail at under USD$2,200. If these seems like
> an advertisement then let's make no mistake - ...I was so impressed with
> the unit (that I have organised to assist the originators with
> international distribution and local sales (I'm fitting one to my Std RG).
> First full production run will be February.
> If you are interested in purchasing a "VFE"and need a brochure (until we
> set up the US distributor) then please return email me.
> Regards to all,
> Greg.
> Greg Poole (Building a Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")

Building XL RG
Request info on above.


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2802 Kilpatrick Blvd. 
Monroe, Louisiana  71201