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Re: REFLECTOR: Insulation Foam

>Now, your foam sounds a lot, lot cheaper.  UNLIMITED would run me $150 -
>$200.  Do you have any reliable data on well it will deaden sound, because
>that's the number one thing I want.  And, if I can get it for $20, then I'm
>buying your material.

I got the Unlimited stuff. Two problems: it is HEAVY. With the new prop,
the paint job and the sound deadener, I added 80 lb! Second, the metal foil
can cause problems with the antennas. I have the marker beacon ant. on the
floor and the ELT ant. on the roof. I had to cut out large pieced of foil.
Difficult to do and the material loses a lot of its consistancy.

The noise, however has deminished a whole lot. On my first flights with
nothing in the cabin, the noise was such that the radios hardly worked. Now
it's very comfortable. Not like in a car of course but with a set of
Lightspeed headsets I think I can fly forever without any problems.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland