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Re: REFLECTOR: Hardened Hardener (or 'old epoxy on Viagra')

Al Gietzen said:

>Further to earlier discussion one crystalized hardener, I found in my notes
>from a conversation with the tech expert from the company that now makes E-Z
>poxy that you can heat the stuff up into the 120 to 140 degree F range to
>re-liquify; no waiting required.
>It seems temperature cycling exacerbates the crystalization problem.  Maybe
>store your epoxy materials in the kitchen cupboard, or in your closet.

So what is the ideal temp range temperature to store these materials to
avoid premature aging and / or to extend their life??

The general recommendation (which obviously needs to be conservative to
cover all situations) is to use them within 12 months of purchase. Many
builders (self included) would exceed this period.

Greg Poole (Building a Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")