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REFLECTOR: sound deadening

I don't know how useful this is, but for those who have not seen the
expensive EAR package, it is the same stuff that you put in your ears as
temporary plugs.  (The kind you roll up and it expands).  I can't tell you
how much the package helps because I haven't flown in a undeadened plane
yet (I think).  I can tell you that if the EAR package works well, the
plane must be really loud without it.  My plane seems a little quiter than
a 172 with the package, therefore I reccomend some type of sound proofing. 
It is quite heavy though.

To me, a pair of ANR headsets does wonders.  I have three pairs of
Lightspeed 15K and I highly reccomend them.  Sound might be less of an
issue with a pair of the 20K's.

Andy Judge
70 hours since mid August