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REFLECTOR: Insulation Foam

Jim wrote:

>They also sell sheets of this foam in all sorts of thickness that has
>many uses.  They also say that it has good sound deadening
>characteristics  I purchased two sheets of 1/4" x 36" x 60" 45/55#
>($10.54 each) to use as underlayment for my upholstering (e.g.,
>headliner, keel, etc.).

I called for UNLIMITED's sample packet - this is the system Velocity now
endorses.  They make a foil sandwich insulation that reportedly cuts DB
levels by 4-5 points - this is a 40-50% reduction in sound.  Also, it
reflects 97% of infrared energy, is fire proof, moisture proof, and stops
any vapors.  Anyway, that's what all the propaganda says about it.

Now, your foam sounds a lot, lot cheaper.  UNLIMITED would run me $150 -
$200.  Do you have any reliable data on well it will deaden sound, because
that's the number one thing I want.  And, if I can get it for $20, then I'm
buying your material.

Thanks for sharing this info.

All the best,


P.S.  I'm finally cutting real holes in my panel today.  Took me weeks to
get everything laid out and decided upon.  This was real fun.