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REFLECTOR: Update on Seat Foam

For all of you waiting for the update I will give you a basic

For safety reasons I wanted additional spinal protection so I specified
the bottom layer be 3/4" of 130/150# foam.  This stuff is VERY firm and
is really tough to compress but in the case of a crash will absorb a lot
of energy with little rebound.  The next layer is 1 3/4" thick  of
55/65# and the bolster area is 1" of 45/55#.  This is the seat bottom
and everyone that has tried it likes the feel and it does not bottom out
with a 240# person test case.  My wife weighs about 120# and she also
found it comfortable.

The backs rest cushions have the same 3/4" of 130/150# foam.  The next
layer is 1 3/4" thick  of 45/55# and the bolster area is 1" of 35/45#.

The cushion foam can be ordered from Chestnut Ridge Foam, Latrobe, PA at
1-800-234-2734 and ask for Lee Danovitz.  Send questions to Lee Danovitz
at CRFOAM@WESTOL.COM.  Please try and limit the telephone calls to
orders  This is a commercial company (your order may be right along side
Boeing's) and you will get professional service and I found them very
responsive.  They DON'T take credit cards so you need to pre-pay or
arrange for COD.

Remember that these cushions are straight cut to fit the standard trays
and the bottom cushion will require the "duct" notch to be cut and both
cushions will require shaping of the bolster area and anything else you
want to do.

If someone would be willing to ship them a set of the narrow bottom
trays I would see if they could digitize the cutting for them.

SEAT BOTTOMS CUSHION  Part # CRF 501571-02  @  $23.34 each

SEAT BACK CUSHION         Part # CRF 601451-02  @  $39.05 each

SHIPPING IS EXTRA  (mine cost $25 for 4 sets plus 2 sheets of foam to
Tampa, FL)

They also sell sheets of this foam in all sorts of thickness that has
many uses.  They also say that it has good sound deadening
characteristics  I purchased two sheets of 1/4" x 36" x 60" 45/55#
($10.54 each) to use as underlayment for my upholstering (e.g.,
headliner, keel, etc.).

They call the 130/150# structural and it would probably make nice push
in false bulkheads to hide the real ones.  I think that a 1/2" piece
would be great to seal the doghouse so air doesn't come over it.

I'm open to questions, happy sitting!



// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under