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Re: REFLECTOR: Elite Doors?

>        Did you extend the stiffener line straight up to the top?
>        How wide are the extensions at the top? (2", 2 3/4"?)
>        How far from the stiffener is the top of the extension?
>        Is the top of the extension parallel to the top of the stiffener?
>        At what angle does the top meet the sides of the extension?

Use the marking provided. It really doesn't matter much how these "ears"
are shaped, as long as you have enough room for the hinges. You are going
to cut the hull outer skin to fit the shape you have given the door. THAT's
when esthetics comes in: make it a nice fit!

>2) THE HINGES: The hinges have a flat side and a bulge side.
>        Which side is attached to the door?
>        And thus, which side shows on the outside the airplane?

The bulge goes out. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to open the door fully.
When mounting the hinges, take the hints from the manual! It is important
that the axes of the two hinges be exactly aligned.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland