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REFLECTOR: Elite Doors?

I'm just sanding my doors down to the inside stiffener in preparation for
fitting them to the fuselage.
I've got a couple of questions that I have not seen mentioned on the
reflector before.  If you have already successfully mounted your doors I'd
appreciate some help.

1) AT THE TOP:  the two extensions which hold the hinges to the door are
roughly marked on the outside surface.  What geometry did you use to cut
	Did you extend the stiffener line straight up to the top?
	How wide are the extensions at the top? (2", 2 3/4"?)
	How far from the stiffener is the top of the extension?  
	Is the top of the extension parallel to the top of the stiffener?
	At what angle does the top meet the sides of the extension?

2) THE HINGES: The hinges have a flat side and a bulge side.
	Which side is attached to the door?
	And thus, which side shows on the outside the airplane?

Bill Schweitzer
Std RGE, San Jose, Ca