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Re: REFLECTOR: Seat Widths

>Somewhere down the line, Velocity changed the seat pans.  My 173 Elite
seats are different than yours.  I believe the back seats are the same
however, the front seatpans  are 14 1/2" across, while the back seat pans
are 16".
>I would image that the xl and the suv  both have the same 16" front and
back because of the extra room now.
>The last 2 Velocitys brought into Australia (about 21 months ago) were  XL
>and Std Elites and both had  the same seat shells front and back measuring
>16" across the bottom shell. One of the other Australian builders has
>narrowed two his seats several inches for better fit.

I received my "kit b" at sun-n-fun in 97.  Maybe I caught the "let's try it
different" approach and they changed it back.  The 16" front seats are a
tight fit on the eletes and you have to narrow the fronts a little in the
front corner to get the full range of seat ajustments.  I do not know if the
14 1/2" front pans are going to make a difference as far as comfort is
concerned compared to the 16" pans.

BTW the seat backs of my front seats are also narrower.

Bob Kuc
173 FGE