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Re: REFLECTOR: VM1000 DPU installation

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Chuck Caldarale wrote:

> I'm about ready to install the DPU box for my VM1000 engine monitor. I'd
> like to hear from anyone who's been there before (or at least thought about
> it) about where to put it, and how to run the ribbon cable up to the panel.
> My initial thought is to put the box on the firewall, just above the spar,
> on the pilot side, and run the cable through the pilot side duct. Comments?
>  - Chuck (still wiring)
I intend to put mine low on the forward face of the gear bulkhead. The 
space between the gear bulkhead and the fishtail on the end of the keel 
in the elite is dead space anyway. If I can do so, I plan to run the 
ribbon cable up the keel, However, I already have the brake lines and all 
of the antenna leads in there and it is getting rather crowded. The 
number of things that can be safely secured any from all of the moving 
parts is limited. My other idea for the ribbon is to simply put it on the 
floor under the carpet next to the keel. It wouldn't show at all.

Don Royer 173 RGE