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I would suggest the DPU be mounted on the cabin side of the firewall, just
above the carry-thru spar, on the opposite side of the strobe power supply.
Your ribbon cable run would be shorter to the Indictor if the DPU was mounted
on the Co-Pilot's side, but the overall length of the ribbon cable is
virtually insignificant in the decision making process.

By laying the ribbon flat and making 45 degree 'folds' in it so the ribbon
makes clean 90 degree 'turns', you can follow the spar over to the forward
side of the gear leg bulkhead, down to the top of the duct. I would use short
lines of silicone perpendicular to the ribbon every 6" - 9" to hold it in
place on top of the duct. Once your carpet is in place, the ribbon should be
exposed to little or no abrasion. I would not apply carpet adhesive to the
ribbon cable. Leave enough margin between the fuselage side and the floor on
the duct so that the carpet is secured into place without being 'glued' to the
ribbon cable.

Safe and Speedy Construction