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REFLECTOR: Update on Seat Foam

Several months ago I mentioned a company Chestnut Ridge Foam and the
fact that they produced the foam seat cushions for most of the major
aircraft manufacturers.

In keeping with my engineering "bullet proofing" of my aircraft and
after trying a number of seats and finding that the foam was not what I
considered appropriate (too soft, totally collapsed, etc.) I decided to
go with certified commercial aircraft seat foam.

I have been working with CR Foam and now have the prototype seats and
backs.  I decided to go with different density foams for comfort and
safety.  The cushions have a 3/4" piece of 130/150# foam on the bottom
which is VERY dense and takes a lot of energy to compress.  This is my
spinal column protection in case I crash.  The next layers I have lost
track of but will have the details soon.

All of my testers said that the impression of the seat was that it was
soft to start followed with a slow sinking and conforming feeling that
was very comfortable.

The cushions are all pre-cut to fit the standard Velocity Elite trays
and require only the round notch for the back of the seat where the duct
goes and the finial shaping of the top.

They have been assigned part #'s that I will post soon.

Ready for the shocking price for this pre cut commercial grade foam
complete with the F.A.R 25.853(a) certification!!!

Seats -  Less than $24
Backs - Less than $40

plus shipping  if you took the same foam schedules, some additional
charges if you want to specify your own densities, sizes etc.

More to come.



// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under