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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel lines and vent

---Al Gietzen  wrote:
>We must be at about the same place.  I just put my fuel line in a
couple of
> days ago.
Dean Norris wrote:

> On the RG std elite how do you run the 3/8 fuel line after it comes
> thru fuselage?
Dean & Al:

I, too, must be at about the same juncture.  I haven't put in my line
but am doing the thinking and planning.  Al, I thought of going thru
the juncture of the leg well & fuselage on the outside and above the
horizontal bulkhead on the inside but my geometry wouldn't support it
and it would have had me drilling too blind for my taste.  It was
tempting, tho.

Dean, I'm planning on doing something similar to what Al described,
going thru the fuselage a few inches forward of the gear bulkhead,
bending 90 aft to go thru the bulkhead and running just under the
horizontal bulkhead til I reach the spar and turn 90 inboard and hook
to flexible fuel lines for connection to the sump.   Going aft thru
the gear bulkhead allows a straight shot outboard of the gear leg thru
the space formed by the angle between the horizontal and diagonal
bulkheads.  I figure I'll support the line by attaching it to the
underside of the horizontal bulkhead.  

The only difficulty is getting the bent line in place w/ the 90 bend
in it; I'm planning on making the bend w/ flexible hose.

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